so, things change, bans dont last forever, and you cant use UG to get free books....

and i have some pit worthy insight,

so basically, there isn't any other forums who are as good as UG, period, end of story, ive looked, and failed.

now granted there are some that are a little more chill, they just don't have the content that UG has.

*ug rant over*

ok, so, Anna Nicole smith died, how about that?

any thoughts/feelings/uncontrollable hate on this subject?
Search. UG has good content, but the community is so big, and it's hard to get to know people here.
ok, so, Anna Nicole smith died, how about that?

I miss her boobs.
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Quote by GiantRaven
UG is the best

Other forums just don't compare


And there are some decent folk around, too.
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yeah....UG is ok.....but now that anna nicole smith died i have no purpuse of living.
*slithes throat*