Poll: Which pickup would be best?
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Dimarzio Evolution
6 43%
Dimarzio Evo2
1 7%
Dimarzio Super Distortion
6 43%
Dimarzio D Sonic
1 7%
Voters: 14.
I have a custom basswood guitar with a Licensed Floyd Rose with the locking fret thing on it and an Ibanez Tone Blaster halfstack. The TBX 150 watt head and straight cab. Oh and the guitar already has a Dimarzio PAF in the neck position.

I play alot of Pantera, Superjoint Ritual, Children Of Bodom type stuff.

So which pickup do you think would work best for the bridge?

A Dimarzio Evolution? Dimarzio Evo2? Dimarzio Super Distortion? Or Dimarzio D Sonic?

The tunings I mostly use are: standard half step down, drop d half step down, and standard whole step down.

And I don't like super trebly pickups, or super bassy pickups
No votes yet?? C'mon guys! I really wanna get my new bridge pickup sometime during the next two or three weeks cuz that's when my band starts doing shows again.

Remember! The Dimarzio PAF is already in the neck position, I just need a bridge!
i like the Evo2 more than the Evo and i would get it if i could

the super distortion is also great but i prefer the Evo2

never used a guitar with the D-Sonic so can't say...
[22:33] ben: Yesterday I was gonna eat a shitload of candy but I forgot.
My other guitarist has the Evolution on his backup guitar and I've never tried the Evo2, so maybe it would be good to go with that. If it's not as good we can always trade!

Alot of people have told me the D Sonic is good for drop tunings. Actually, it's what it was made for. But I don't know if what we play counts as drop tunings, since it's not far from being standard.
Dude my bad, I just need to have an idea of what I'm gonna get cuz I'm getting the pickup real soon and don't wanna **** up and get something shitty.

I play lead and rhythm in the band...and the Evos are best for shred, so I'm not too sure there. The Super Distortion is winning so far though, maybe I should go for that?
^did'nt vote either..you should try looking on the dimarzio super 3 if you dont like too much treble or bass.it has higher output than the super distortion and i think its great for riffs/powerchords cause it has lots of mids.ok for lead works to.try to check them out.