So what kind of a les paul is this?

And if you guys can, how much it is for LISTED and how much I can SELL it for.

Also the badge says "inspected in Tennesee, USA" and "Hand-crafted in Korea"


The clear pickguard just adds more mystery to this guitar. But as a college student, I must sell this
Looks like a Standard with transparent black finish, but I've never heard of something like it...
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its an epiphone les paul custom

Are you positive? I don't see any customs having the badge on the back of the guitar nor the color.

Are les paul customs pretty much those "unique" guitars?
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That's a beaut of a guitar dude.

When you find out what model it is, PM me? I want one

haha, with the way things are going, I don't think I'll find out the exact model.

I do plan on selling this, but as of now I don't know how much I should expect.
Why don't you call Epiphone and give them the serial number, they could prolly tell you what it is. :P