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Here's a useless thread, what kind of strap do you use on your bass or guitar!?

I use a standard Ibanez strap and a Dunlop D-38!
Me too!
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I use a surelock, very reliable.
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One with Fender all over's blue...

I've got that one in black.

I need to get a fancy leather one sometime, they're too expensive though.
I've got this yellow one, and in black bold letters, it reads:


I saw it at the music store and thought to myself "I have to have it".
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Both Levy's. One is black leather with a white lightining bolt on it and the otehr is black leather with only the outlines of flames sticthed on it in orange and yellow stitching so it's subtle.
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I got one custom made for me by this guy.

It has a wide fat leather thingy going trough the most of the strap (adjustable)
And its attached to a regural "army belt" (black).

Bcoz i b necro kwlt.
I use a Guv'Nor Leather strap, equipped with the stuff to lock into my Dunlop Straplocks.
I got this "Day of the Dead" one 'cause it's pretty cool looking, and I'm moving to Mexico the first chance I get!

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Some nylon webbed red on on my Ibanez, some nylon black one on my acoustic (I shall get a new one when I have money), and my 12 string has an old 60s woven one. Top is all woven and has cool flower patterns on it, and the underside is suede.

EDIT: If everyone else is, I might as well mention strap locks as well. The RG has Schaller Strap locks on it, and I have another set that were on my Epiphone that will go on my double neck, which will be treated to a nice thick, padded, brown leather or suede strap.
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A Fender one and a plain Levy's black one. Both have straplocks.
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Its black with blue lightning bolts.
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My PRS has a PRS 2.5" leather strap with the birds on it... black.. with schaller straplocks.

My Epi LP Custom has some solid silver nylon strap with like an oversized silver buckle for adjustment.. idk what it really is.. my ex girlfriend gave it to me for something, I dont remember what. The strap's attached to the guitar with homemade straplocks (washers, I unscrewed the strap buttons and put a washer between the strap and the top of the button)

My Ibanez hollowbody has a pretty long, plain 2" black nylon strap (I needed a longer strap cause the body is so big and the strap buttons are low.. plus I never play lead with that guitar lol so I figured I might as well look cool holding it) No straplocks cause the strap buttons are so big that I had to unscrew them to put the strap on anyway.
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A Red furry one, its like wearing a cat, mmmm warm...
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Red Furry guitar strap

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I bought about five Dickies nylon straps from tower records for a dollar apiece when they were going out of business.
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I got a sexily smooth leather tiger stripe with purple and tan. Goes well with my american strat in natrual.

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lol i love this pic.
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Some plain black leather strap that I don't know the brand name of, and straplocks, Schaller I think.
A yellow/black/red fender strap. I was surprised on how expensive straps could get!

But I havn't used one in suuuuuuuuuuuch on a long time.
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The one of the left.

We share the same taste in straps.
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Dimarzio Cliplok for my main electric. I borrow my sister's nice Fender Patchwork strap or use a cheap black nylon strap when I play bass.
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