This is my guitar

first i have a 21 fret guitar but i want 22 frets and i dont want to buy me a new neck is there anyway to add the 22th fret??

and second i want another finish on my guitar i want this one:

only the M with the stripes

does anybody have an idea for me?
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No point trying to add a 22 fret. Buy a new neck, but you might run into the problem with the scale length and bridge positioning, but im not 100% on that.


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just lick and stick another fret onto the fretboard :-)

Wilkinson EZ lok Tuners - £15
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Offers/Trades anyone?
The stripes with the M shouldn't be to hard to do. Just paint the whole guitar white, then mask up the stripes and M with some tape, and do some more sprays with black. You'd have to sand off the original finish first though...
For the frets, I don't think there is a easy/cheap way to add another fret. The only option I see is to buy a new neck. And I wouldn't do that, just to get one extra fret.
If your neck is a 21 fret neck your going to have problems with intonation because of scale length
Extend the fretboard a little so that it extends to the body.

Then hammer in a new one. But you will always have the possibility to mess it up, so you might want to just buy a new neck and move the bridge, but with a trem you are also screwed. IDK which you want to do.
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99% of 22 necks have a overhang. The standard Fender neck pockets were origionally made for gutiars with 21 frets and no overhang. When Fender introduced the 22nd fret, they used the same 21 fret necks, except the fretboard was a little longer, with an overhang.
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