Alright so ive had this Peavey Raptor lieing around for almost a year recieving no love. So i decided to redo it! Im hoping to make it look as close to an actual strat as possible. Ill be ordering a new neck considering the current one sucks. Frets are kinda high etc. Ill be getting a new bridge, pickguard(idk what color yet), pickups(suggestions?), and other small features.
the largest problem ill be encountering is whether or not i wantto move the input. the input on it is on the bottom like a gibson or ibanez. I would love for it to be on top but would filling the current hole and making another one affect tone horribly?
So I want to make it red but idk what shade or whether to show the grain or not. Please give me your opinion! Also it will be a SSS if that helps with pup suggestions.
Also does anyone have any idea what kind of wood this is?
So far all ive accomplished is gutting and sanding the front of it. Im gonna wait till i can get a hold of my grandfathers sander.

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You should have left the sunburst and had a black pickguard for SRV style!

Well, now you can paint it 'surf green' and add a pearl pickguard. The thing is, I don't think you can get replacement pickguards for Raptors, unless you cut your own....and painting them isn't very good.

For pickups, get DiMarzio Area '55 single coils. They sound EXACTLY like a vintage strat, only they're noiseless.