Ok so I did a search and didnt find anything, anybody heard of the new Marshall JMV410? I have an MG so im on the market. Anybody heard anything about this new amp, it caught my eye cause its a 100 watt combo.
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Go on the marshall site and on theres youll find a link to marshall theatre, gives you some demos of that and the vintage modern - have a look and watch the factory tour, its pretty interesting.
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Theres vids on youtube from the DVD.

It looks pretty good but is packed with way too many features IMO.
Its way to complicated for my tastes. Several people on Harmony-central have them and they say they are just alright. Nothing mind blowing.

You'd do better buying a used Marshall from the 80-90's or a Mesa if your rich.
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Yeah, a lot of the HC'ers that have bought one are saying that it's nothing special and there are a few problems with it. Mind that is Harmony central. Seems like it got overhyped, but i reserve judgement until i play one myself.
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Theres vids on youtube from the DVD.

That youtube video from the DVD is for the Vintage Modern, not the JVM.
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That youtube video from the DVD is for the Vintage Modern, not the JVM.

No there are JVM videos.

Search Marshall JVM. I have the DVD and hes using it and it's the exact same clip.