I bet a thread liek this has been done before and if it has can someone direct me to it? If not, can anyone recomend some good fingerpicking songs/artists?
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My favorites, Black Mountain Side(/Whitesummer) and Bron-Yr-Aur by Led Zeppelin. They are above beginner, not extremely hard but if you are just strating I would go with Bron-Yr-Aur because it is a little easier and it just straight eigth notes i think. Also, a lot of Clapton is, just look at the tabs until you find them. I know Classical gas and Tears in heaven (already mentioned).
Thanks guys, I also found a song by Pink Floyd that can be fingerpicked, its called: 'Is anybody out there'
you CAN fingerpick Green Day- "Time of your life." at least thats what i do
But some other good ones are:

A Perfect Circle: "3 Libras" (awesome song)

Extreme: "More Than Words"

Eric Clapton, Mason Williams, Tommy Emmanuel- "Classical Gas", Whichever version fits you, lol
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blackbird by the beatles it's a really good song to begin with finger picking

+1... After that try freight train by Tommy Emmanuel. It might take u a while if u are a beginner... But the satisfaction after u have mastered it is da bomb-diggity!
Yeah I've noticed that certain songs can be fingerpicked or picked regularly. Another song I just realized was fingerpickable, was 'Sultans of Swing' by Dire Straits. I love the solo on that song and it's almost hard to believe it's fingerpicked because it's done so well.
Tears In Heaven isnt that hard, that was the second song I learned, first fingerpick song. My best advice is to FORCE yourself to use all your fingers!! I see alot of people using two fingers, it may be hard, but do it anyway!
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I thought you were only supposed to you your thumb, middle, index, and ring finger for fingerpicking....