i know this will sound really basic but i've been playing for 5 years and yet when theres a part like these ones:

metallica one clapton layla

i bend as hard as i can so far it can't go anymore and yet it doesn't give that sound of 2 notes higher. help??
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The first one is a bit odd...4 bend up to 6, release to 6? The other is 13 bend up to 15 release back to 13.

As for 2 tone bends...not always possible.
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You are bending it too high. You barely have to bend it at all to get 2 frets up. Try this. On the G string play the 12th fret. Then play the 14th fret and listen very closely to it. Now SLOWLY bend the G string 12th fret upwards VERY SLOWLY until it sounds like the 14th.
try using 3 fingers on the string. that should make it easier. also, maybe you wanna check the intonation?
o sorry i meant release 4. im just saying any notes that bend up 2 then release back down two
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I think you should practise more on bending rather than combining it with release.

Simply create an exercise where you play any random note on the fretboard and bend it up to sound like the next note (two frets up.) It's ideal if you play the note 2 frets up first to hear it before you attempt to bend.

Also make note that when you're bending random notes on the fretboard the amount you bend will change, for example more bending is needed for the first 12 frets and from 12-24 you hardly require any.

Put this into your warm-up technique and you'll have bending pretty much nailed, then all you have to do is just release
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