What does inflation lead to? I dont mean like hyperinflation, but just like a few percent above a country's target inflation....
everythings price goes up but is equal to what it origanally does.
Think about an old '65 Mustang back then it was around $4700 now it would be like $35000 or somewhere around there.
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Pretty much means that people will earn more but the prices of things go up. Nowadays everyone earns more than people did 50 years ago, but things back then were priced in comparison to how much people earned. (I think, ignore me if I'm wrong :p)
The stock market crash of 29' is a good example. Basically, if inflation continues to rise, we're all going to die. Fun, fun, right?
whatever it is, it doesn't make much sense...let's give evryone raises, but at the same time let's raise the price of everything. personally i think it is so that the government can gain more in taxes.
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Dude, if inflation rises in America, that doesn't mean it rises in Japan, China, Russia, etc. It wouldn't be that bad if our country was self-sufficient, but we import about 10 times more than we export.

So basically our dollar is worth jack during inflation. Not good.