The rest of season 3. Starting tonight. Sky One. Is anyone still bothered?

So, in order to stop this thread from being chucked into the LOST thread rubbish bin, let's try something different...

...a LOST caption marathon.

I'll start:

Desperate for advice, Claire confuses Hurley with the wise, all knowing Buddha....

....with sexy results.

Of course; if you are one of the uncool ones, and don't make a caption, you can always talk about lost. If you don't like it, try to keep the slagging off to a minimum.
at chocolatguitar's caption
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I can beat that:

"Claire Faints in shock as Hurley puts on a B&W minstel show for the islanders"

....With sexy results

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I can beat that:

"Claire Faints in shock as Hurley puts on a B&W minstel show for the islanders"

The black arm scared me.

"I've been on this island 3 season WHY AM I STILL FAT!!!????"

... i couldn't have screwed that up more...
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"John Rambo begrudgingly starts chemo"

I'm glad Lost is back. The new episode was decent, although it's just distorting the plot even further.
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I saw one episode of Lost.

I did not have sexy results.

Disappointment. Though blonde Englishmen are always sexy to confused heterosexuals. Am I one? No. I wish.
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I downloaded the episode on Friday, because Im a lost junkie

Didnt think the new episode was to great, but I'll keep watching because of this lady:

Tears in waves, minds on fire
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started watching that series...cnfused the crap outa me...realy, ever been so confised about a plot :S
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...to think I was going to reply to the thread title with the witty response...

"Yeah, that tends to happen every 28 days or so..."

Stupid LOST...

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Nah, watched 3 episodes of the 1st series, though, hey mthis aint too bad...Then stopped watching it.
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