I'm working on a song that i want to sound like 80's rock.

I now that the mainriff is too long and i will vary it, maybe change the chord or something.

just wondering what you think so far. Is the "soft" part very out of place?

the song is named nineteen eighty five


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hey cool , im not really into the whole 80's rock scene but yeah, it seems cool. The tremlo use in the first few bars is really effective. But the intro goes on for way too long without any changes. Try to vary it a bit. please could you crit on my thread please?
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This is awesome stuff. I love the tone!

Like you say, it's a little bit repetitive in the second part, but as you acknowledge that it's obviously not a problem.

I found some of the whammy a bit distateful, but then I'm not a fan or user of the vibrato arm.

Near the end the drummer hits the snare rim. It would be awesome if you replaced it with a cowbell.

Above all, some promising riffs and ideas for a song. Nice one.

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music died in the 80s but u just brought it back to life good job sounds good keep it up

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I quite liked this. It is very repetetive like you said, but should be fine with some vocals added in. In that first bit where one guitar comes in with a chord riff and then stops while another guitar plays lead, have you considered leaving any of the lead parts out so its just the drums playing, like you do at one point in the middle of the song? Just an idea, but might sound cool. Less is more! I didn't think the slow section sounded out of place at all, but would probably be more suited to a middle-eigth vocal section rather than a guitar solo. I think with a few variations of that chordy riff you could put together a really cool song. Nice guitar work!

Take a look at mine if you can

thanks for all your comments, i have now redone the song if you listen again.

i haven't crit all of you back yet, but i will during the day.
It's repetitive as you said, but there are some riffs which would make a good song. The tone was good also. I liked the drums a lot, they go perfectly with the guitar riffs. How did you record drums btw? They sounded amazing.
Anyway, I'd suggest you keep the riffs and change the structure of the song a bit, and add a great 80s rock style solo.