hey guys.
i need some tips or guides for how to fly an "aircraft" or a "combat chopper".
i just can't get it, i can fly the "normal big chopper" easily but the rest just to difficult to control and i always crash.
and also is there some good mod for it this game, like quick weapons change and etc as in "counter strike"?
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Yeah. You have to find the zangga file first. Then mount it on a cubase based bit file. Then transfer the code into notepad as a "dll." file. Then transfer it back in a .zip file. Simple stuff really. I'm surprised you didn't know that.

Not a clue.
i hope you have a joy stick for one. if you im me i can give you an addy to someone who can council you
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You could try taking the mouse sensitivity of choppers and things up a bit to get more response.
Oh yeah just get the 64 player map single player, then do a single player map and practice a lot