Well I bought a Boss RC-2 loop pedal and it works great if i use a clean channel on my amp and make loop with cleans!!...BUT!!! when i put my ibanez TS-9 in the equation things kinda change(the last thing in the chain is my RC-2) the sound of the original loop fades in and out. I spoke with a tech and he told me that i needed to turn down my level of my pedal to succeed so that doesn't happen. It still fades the first loop in and out!!!. And if i use the amps distortion in the loop it does the same thing....man i am lost guys.....should i just return the thing?
It'll work best going straight into the power section. If your amp has an effect loop, put it there.
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wow you helped a great deal thanks man!!!!!......geeze guys don't respond unless you have the upmost confidence in your advice and just don't re-word suggestions in the original question.
You need to put it last in your effects loop, I found this out with the looping on my DD6 with distortion switched on.
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