My teacher gave me a circle with 7 modes to fill in for the Bb major scale and the G# Minor Scale.

He said the modes go in order from Aeolian, Locrian, Ionian, Dorian, Phrygian, Lydian, and Mixolydian and uhh

I'd like someone to give me the modes because then I will find out how I will be able to find the modes of other scales and such plus im lazy.
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reported. can i please have a reasonable answer?
everyone here just stop worrying about finding stuff on my own, i guess you all don't understand what im trying to do.

please. just someone tell me the modes of Bb Major and G# Minor scale, or at least tell me what the heck the b in the Bb means.
aolian is natural minor they are exactly the same
Ionian is mayor they are also exactly the same
mixolydian is dominant 7, or b7
lydian is major #4
and i dont remember the rest
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what you mean reported?
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can someone just give me Bb major scale modes in order 1-7 and same with G# Minor
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the b in Bb is a flat, B flat, 1st fret on your A string, a Flat lowers the note 1 half step
The b in Bb means that its flat. Search the forums for "flat" for a more in depth answer.
okay now someone tell me this, to find the modes of the scales, could I find out what the first mode of the scale is(i already know wut some are so could i see which ones they sound similar to) and then since they go in order and stay in order, just put them on with the first mode of the scale at 1
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Bb major is the ionian
Bb Dorian Is Ab major starting on the note Bb.
Bb Phrygian is Gb major starting on the note Bb.
And so on
Those aren't the modes of Bb major. Those are the 7 main modes with the root as Bb.

b=flat=lowered one semitone
#=sharp=raised one semitone

Modes of Bb Major:
Bb Ionian
C Dorian
D Phrygian
Eb Lydian
F Mixolydian
G Aeolian
A Locrian

Modes of B major (G# minor)
B Ionian
C# Dorian
D# Phrygian
E Lydian
F# Mixolydian
G# Aeolian
A# Locrian
Bb Ionian
C Dorian
D Phrygian
Eb Lydian
F Mixolydian
G Aeolian
A Locrian

G# Aeolian is a minor scale, and from what I know, there are no modes that are "parented" by the natural minor scale, but I could be wrong.

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