How is the quality of Warmoth's woods , parts ect.?
Would I be better of just buying a stock guitar?
All I've bought from them is a set of tuners but the price was good and the shipping was fast I would recommend them. I got a set of gotoh tuners for $34 including shipping and it made a huge difference in my epi les paul. I'm actually buying some tuners knobs and straplocks for a project I'm working on now from them.
All of their bodies and necks are machined on a CNC, so expect precision accuracy. In other words, they're probaly the highest quality manufacturer of aftermarket bodies.

Their parts can be bought for a bit cheaper from other places, though. Their best deals are on Floyd Rose bridges though.

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I've only bought a neck and a body, but they are beautiful. Came in good time too.
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yea the bodys and necks cost a pretty penny. <.< but supose to be good.
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