I've been using an ancient Tascam Portastudio 8 track mixer to record some demos in a makeshift home studio. I was looking to upgrade to a new mixer/recorder but wanted to get something similar to what Im using to keep it simple. Im looking for something in the 500-1500 dollar range with the ability to record single tracks to mix as well as mulitple tracks at once. Would also like to have CD burning capabilities. Any suggestions?
get a mac mini (garageband) and a fasttrack usb.

it's around 100 bucks cheaper, and the quality is pretty good.
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ok i think you should try getting a digidesign m-box 2 pro if you have a mac or an mbox 2. This includes pro tools to do computer based mixing and recording. COmes with extra software that u can use to make virtual instruments with midi devices and drum tracks. Less stuff, bulk and more possibilities.
Mbox usb=550$
Mbox pro firewire=800$
This may not be what you want but its my reccomendation.
if you are used to and/or like tascam, how about the upgrade of yours, the 2488. seems simple, and has 4 simultaneous track recording.
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