hey guys, lately my fretboard and strings have been getting grabby, not coarse, but just grabby. My fretboard is perfectly smooth and shiny, but it still doesn't let my fingers slide easily over it. Same with my strings, I am using fast fret on both of them, and it still feels like this. I will admit that i buy really cheapy strings, they feel good at first, but within days they get grabby spots on them. Any suggestions. Thanks in advance.
Get some decent strings if thats the case. If they are getting 'grabby' spots on them after a few days and that is the problem, i'm guessing they are ok for the first few days?
Depending upon how you want your guitar to sound, get some different strings. I prefer to use standard nickelwound GHS boomers..they're reliable and give you a nice bright tone..amazing sustain and all. You can get tons of strings from Guitar Center(if you go there and if they're doing it where you're at) right now..10 sets of strings for like 20 bucks..very good deal.
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