Whenever I am playing, and I pull off my finger to go to another note on that string (but not doing a pull off) I always make that string sound. Even if I pull straight off it still makes a sound. If anyone understands this can you offer advice to not do this?
dont pull your finger off, then put the other down. you cant lift your finger without making some sound unless you mute the note.
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It doesn't matter if your taking your finger off to go to another note, or just doing a pull off. Its GOING to make a sound if you take your finger off the fretboard.
if i understand what your saying...the only thing i can think to tell you is play a little tighter to the fret board so that you dont have to pull off so much...or just kinda mute it
hmm, my guitar teacher from school (he is actually about 2 wks ahead of the class in the book lmao) says to play every note with a different finger, by this I mean if you play one note with the middle finger, the next note should be played with a different finger. This can't be avoided sometimes, but it is good practice to do it.