Ruin. especially if you dont learn the solo, but you should anyway cos its easy.

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Dunno, all of them are easy as shit.

hmm...show me a video of you playing walk with me in hell. perfectly. with the solo.
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Dunno, all of them are easy as shit.

Somehow... I highly doubt that.
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Dunno, all of them are easy as shit.

D3ath t00 f@1se /\/\37@L D00D!

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uhm i found Laid To Rest pretty easy
i just learnt it the other day, but yeah i guess it depends
you just named the 4 easiest songs they've done. and a tab of walk with me in hell without the solo. go learn forgotten (lost angels) and tell me its easy. or how about ashes of the wake? you are ignorant.
posting links to tabs doest mean you can play them. and theres another tab with a missing solo.

and also, you forget the golden rule: never call a song easy until you can play it perfectly.
The fact is that they're easy, sure they not "Easy as shit" as I so blatantly put it, but they're still pretty easy.

Being able to play every Lamb Of God song to prove my point would be worthless, as we all know.
fair enough, but you cant just make blanket statements, then post tabs as evidence which have no reference to timing.
Ruin is REALLY easy. It's a simple song, but you can shred someone's face off with it if they don't know anything about guitar.
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i love playing Lamb of God... Black Label is very easy, but really nice to play and rock out to.