Alright, this is my like 10th thread on amps alone...so sorry about that.

Ok, here are the requisites for suggestions for amp:
-no more than $315 if possible
-tube or SS, either works
-effects don't need to come, but if they're pretty good; sure
-must be bigger than 100W(ss), 30W(tube)
-good cleans
-ablility to sound good with a digital pedal hooked up (digitech rp80 suck, but i use it)
-must be loud enough to gig without house PA (large pavillion, garage, auditorium)

I play emo, screamo, metalcore, metal, and then some alternative stuff. Don't say shit about emo/screamo...i play it, i like it, it's my music preferences.

I'm usually rhythm, but we have a lot of harmonizing guitars, so i need a sound to keep up with a Peavey Windsor half stack. Yeah, it's a long shot, but eh...if it's possible i'll take it.

I use a Ibanez GRG170DX for drop tunings, and an Ibanez AS73G for standard (yeah, i make it sound metal for a semi-hollow). The guitars are crap, but i'm either getting new pickups for each during the summer, or selling one and getting a Schecter or ESP.

Also, there is a used Rocktron Taboo Twin, supposed to be 175W, but i think it's 150. It looks like a promosing amp, and sounds pretty good and is $200. But i know that if i ask on here, there is better for my price range.

So, i'd really like some help. And i need a new amp because i have to compete with a half stack (120W all tube), and all i have to use is a 30W SS. We have no house PA, and we only get one if/when we get signed by a local record company.

I'll try and check out any suggestions at the a store in the neighboring town, or take another hour drive to Guitar Center again. But i need honest suggestions for it to be worth it.

EDIT: I'm looking for names of amps, i am probably going to buy used off ebay.
(thanks for pointing out that i forgot this, traegar)

Any help gets thanks.
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well ur not really gonna get that good of an amp that many watts for 315...for a little more u can get an 80W peavey bandit...i own one and i mean i like it
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Well here it goes. I have this amp called the Peavey Tansformer. It is 100 watt stereo 2x12 solid state tube emulation amp. It comes with phaser, flanger, delay, reverb, tremolo, and chorus. It has effects loop as well as direct outs for recording or whatever. This thing is loud and comes with different amp models which are modeled after famout amps and their speaker cabinets. One thing that is cool about this is you can also minx n match amps with different cabinets. Built in tuner (E, Eflat, and Chromatic) It comes with a professional footswitch that can control almost anything on the amp. Most companies charge for a footswitch like this. This amp lists for 1000.00 but can be bought for anywhere from 200.00 to 500.00 online. Some are new and some are used. They get pretty good reviews and can still be bought new. It can create tons of sounds and it even has a program that can be downloaded to your computer for fine tuning. Since I bought it, they have even updated the chip in the amp which was 25.00 which added an octaver and better stock presets as well as other features. BTW you can create 16 user presets and each preset can have it's own boost channel which is essentially another preset. Anyway, it is a great amp and I love it. Any questions, let me know
Well unfortunately it does not have a line out for a cab. It is running off a 4 ohm load (2 poweramps 2 4 ohm speakers. I guess because it is down to 4 ohms, a cabinet could not be connected At first this kinda bummed me out but it is so loud that It doesn't matter to me. If I ever wanted a 4x12 cab I will probably just buy a head with it. If a lack of a line out to hook up a cabinet is very important to you, this may not be the amp for you. But if all the other features are important, give it a look or listen.
There will be others, seriously. You will find them. I mean, just think of how many people sell stuff on there. I mean if you looked up any item you might find a ton of them on there. I guess all I am saying is if you are interested, look again when you have the money. Good luck in your search
i looked into that Peavey Bandit 112 mentioned earlier, i found a decent priced one. I can afford it, and it looks pretty cool. Also, i know it sounds good from the fact i've played one before.

Is there anything better i could buy though? preferably louder, or is 80W gonna be loud enough for most of my gigs?
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