Right, basically, I've got two guitars with the same problem. The first is my baby, a 2001 NJ Series Warlock (red) which, about two years ago, had just come out of the shop after 3 years of abuse. Then, it's pick-up selector went (within weeks of having her back) so I decided to lay her to rest in her molded hard-case till I got money to fix her. Then it all changed. . .

My other guitar is a Jackson Dinky bought after the acquisition of Jackson by Fender. I have been using this guitar exclusively for two years solid and just recently, after a trip back to America, I came home with some new screws for the locking nut. The screws seemed pretty short, but all the same seemed to do the job (the others just rusted to the Allan's key and I need pliers to seperate them, so anything would have been better.) But something's happened. The locking tremolo doesn't lock. When I dive-bomb, all six strings go out of tune by a semi-tone. When I tighten it, they all go back up. I decided to leave this guitar and put up with the dodgy pick-up selector on Bessie till I could get a job and save enough money to have it fixed (this isn't America, this is Cheddar. Jobs are not waiting to be picked off of trees. Trust me, I've tried) But just when I changed the strings on Bessie, lo and behold, the same illness has befallen her! Considering she [technically] just got out of the shop - after a 120 quid fix-over - the cause of the this mysterious disease perplexes me, and I wonder whether it can be remedied with a quick fix, or if it is actually something serious?

I don't have [any] enough money to get her professionally fixed, and no offence to luthiers and repairers, I don't want to have to depend on anyone else to fix my guitars. What is wrong with them and how can I fix it?

Please help and the gods or whoever you believe in will look down kindly and lovingly upon your righteous being. You may even have built up enough good karma to get you laid, you never know! J
I believe they are both licensed floyd rose trems, right?

If so, they just tend to die after a while.
Is that it? They just die? Dunno. . .They are licensed Floyd Roses but the Jackson is newer than Bessie, but it still went before Bessie's did, even though Bessie was just fixed up. Is there anything else?
blunt knife edges? might cause it, since it's just not returning to its original position
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Some questions for you:

-What are the knife edges like?
-What is the condition of the springs?
-Does the locking nut look worn in the string slots?
-What is the condition of your stings?

Don't expect Licenced FR's to last a very long time, they are usually inferior to Original FR's.
Here I am, I thought I knew the basics of a Floyd Rose, but find myself confused as to what a 'knife edge' is? What is that? But yeah, there is a bit of wear in the string slots on the nut, and the springs seem to be fine. Bessie's were just replaced and the jackson's aren't rusty or anything.