Ok, I have no experience with a wah pedal, but I'm learning Sweet Child O Mine, and it needs a wah pedal to make it sound right. I know you plug the guiatr to the pedal, and the pedal to the wah pedal, but do you need to chords or does the wah pedal have a chord connected to it?It's a Dunlop Crybaby Wah Wah Pedal. One more thing, does anybody have a good Sweet Child O Mine or a good Welcome to the Jungle solo tabs?
guitar - wah - amp

on the top of the wah in black letters it should say instrument on one side and amp on the other. Take a patch chord and plug the guitar into the intrument side. Take another patch chord, plug it into an amp then plug it into the amp side. When you want to turn the wah on push the front down hard until you hear a click. Rock it back and forth to make the wah sound.

No offense, but get a little more experience before you attempt sweet child o' mine.