i was wondering about getting a wah pedal but i dont no wich one so im asking
i mostly play eric clapton stuff have been for a while and dont tend on stopping
i read that he has been using a voxx wah wah pedal but i liked the weeping demon from ibanez what one do u think will fit the style better i also like to play a bit of pink floyd.

Out of the 2, for more of a bluesy sound, go with the Vox. I think the Weeping Demon is a pretty high gain wah.

You would want to play some calm pink floyd and some clapton...and you want a wah named "Ibanez' Weeping DEMON!111!!"

Get the vox .
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Definately the Vox.
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vox, totaly

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The Vox would give you a bluesier sound. However, if you are good with a soldering gun you could look on ebay for a Dunlop GCB-95 wah and mod it very cheaply for much less than just buying a vox.
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Lol! Go with the vox, i have one it's great.