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a matchbook aurora,
an origami staircase;
her ink blots, emerging
from anagrammatic infinity,
turn black holes to clockwork.
she's a siren with plaster lungs,
singing of plastic-wrapped horizons,
but the binary warnings, spilling from
between the hindenburg's threadbare lips,
are disregarded as unconsumed orange peels.
and her coma engulfs him between silk sheets.

alea iacta est et acta est fabula...

ad finem ultimum.


There is something incredibly appealing about cigarettes. I can't really explain it, but whenever I see someone leave a restaurant to take a smoke, I feel like they're superior to me. Anyone that can use a product that has a huge label warning that said product causes lung cancer (subsequently leading to death) and still uses it has balls. I mean, he's a badass. There's a social aspect to it, as well. I don't smoke, I'd never think about smoking, but even I know the rule: If you have a lighter, and are letting someone bum a smoke off of you, you light theirs first. However, if you're using a match, you light yours first, because there's a ton of sulfur and shit off that match, and you inhale it rather than them. It's almost romantic. I'd light a match and light mine first. At first she might think I'm rude, but I'd explain it to her, and she would thank me for being so thoughtful. And we would both die on the same deathbed, making love like cigarettes. And I take one final drag, and extinguish myself in a brunette ashtray.

I just want to sleep forever.

and i vote yours.

i loved it when i first read it,
and i love it now too.

I just want to sleep forever.

um, the second one was weird. never seem lyrics about cigarettes like that. but i would choose the first one, because they actually sound like a lyric/poem. the second one is ok, but i just see it as someone just talking,whereas the first one actually sounds like lyrics.
you forgot to vote in the poll.

i'm only saying that cause you wanted to
vote for me but you didn't actually do it.


I just want to sleep forever.

aw man i'm getting slaughtered.

i understand though.
i love the other piece too

I just want to sleep forever.

It's kind of funny, because when I first came here, Kyle was my FAVORITE writer. I didn't listen to shit anyone criticized him for and basically kissed his ass whenever he posted.

Now I'm beating him in a 1v1? I mean, I can firmly say I love his piece, but I'd like to thank everyone who voted for me/complimented this piece because it really touches me. It makes me feel almost like I'm doing something right.