What are some basic, fun, easy acoustic blues songs?
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Look up Son House, Robert Johnson and Elmore James...

Good songs:

Love in Vain Blues
Walkin' Blues
Sweet Home Chicago
Dust my Broom
St. Louis Blues
If I had possession over judgement day (one of the best songs, IMO).

Etc. Look at the old Delta Blues and Chicago blues players from the thirties and thereabouts. They all used acoustics...electric blues came later...and they're pretty simple chord progressions/licks. A lot of them are great songs to learn slide blues too.
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Get Eric Clapton Unplugged, and listen to:

Before You Accuse Me
Hey Hey
Nobody Knows you when you're Down and Out
Walkin' Blues
Malted Milk

These are all covers, but Eriic plays them with grace
Psycho Killer,
Qu'est-ce que c'est?
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^yeah, unplugged is a great source of acoustic blues.
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