According to Mark Hoppus, switching your P-bass's pickups positions (high-end pickup moved closer to the neck) makes the G and D strings sound 'thicker'. Can anyone verify this? Possibly a quick how-to if it's a good modification?

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It should work because the D and G side of the pickup is closer to the neck. This also means that your E and A strings will sound more "attacky". You would have to re-route the body to do this though, or buy a pickguard to accommodate the new pickup.
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Moving the actual space of the pickup changes the P-bass sound. Switching it, IMO, gives more thickness & power (and feels more comfortable).
it is probably easier to mess around with the height adjustment first cos it can make a differance. Then if you combine it with the tone control you get a richer sound without so much twang.
But it depends on what you are going for. I can't talk, I have one bass that i stripped the precision pickups from and put a music man style pick up in, and other I re wired and tried adding larger magnets to the pick ups, which did nothing, another bass that I am filing the frets down on, and the amp resembles nothing that it came home like. So modify modify modify I say
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Hahah, the controls are supposed to be active! Not the pups!

Mine has more of a thrashy "punk on crack" sound. With a very awesome slightly distorted attack. Very ritch and deep with a really trebly attack.

Real musicman's have active pickups and electronics.
^I thought that original musicmans had just active controls? :0 Meh, all I know is that the Duncan pickup I got was passive...

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yeah, but it has 3 extra wires that I assumed were for the controls, I don't know much about active basses, my dad uses one, I know it is 18 volt, thats about it.

Hmm, how many wires were comin out your pickup? If it is 4 (with maybe one wire connected to some copper sheilding) then you cna stillw ire those in for a fuller thicker sound.
Whell I think that the new ones have fully active pickups. However the very first Musicmans were the very first electric instrument with a battery in it. It woudl take a few more years before they were gonna try out active pickups. :P

Whell here is how wiring works with humbuckers.
A humbucker is basicly two single coils smakshed together, right? Whell 4 conducter(wire) pickups are wired so you can wire it like 2 single coil pickups smashed together. All I cna really suggest is just wire the two exra wires like another pickup. If it sounds all high and tinny unslder the two wires you jsut installed and put em in reverse. You will get a thicker sound!