Ok, imagine i have a pickup and it DOES NOT have wires comeing out of it... its just the plastic part, the magnets, and the coil...how would i hook the wires up to it?
I'd imagine you take off the back metal plate and connect it somewhere. Haven't done it though. Or managed to get that plate off my old shit guitar's pickup...?
welll, see my problem is, i dont know how to hook up the wire, cuz theres only one wire inside the pickup, and thats the coil..but to hook it up you wold need a negative and a postive or ground, but the coils all thats there!!!
aight my CPU is a tard card an wont let me go to gibson.com for some reason =..!
aight thanks alot man...wanna come over and play GI Joes?
haha taladaga nights quote, sorry....
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that sounds like somethin you should take to a tech really...