Hey guys, so I've been playing guitar for like 4 years, and I'm 15 right now. i own a Gibson SG Standard and I don't have any problem with it. I am saving up for a pretty high end guitar, and am willing to spend anywhere from $600-800 on it. i was looking at a fender stratocaster because i like the whole retro thing, and it has a pretty good rep. I really don't want another Gibson right now, and i don't know if i'm right but i think the next step up (to a les paul) would cost me a good 2 g's, which I am not willing to spend, and can't. I just wanted to know what the whole deal is with the strats vs the gibson, and the strats vs the telecastser. (or any other casters). i need to know if they are good guitars for this price range and what i wan't, i am also expecting it to be know lower in terms of quality than my SG. I like the modern stuff, anywhere from Fallout Boy, to 3 days grace. i also like the guitar sounds in bands like incubus and taking back sunday, so as you can see, i wan't to get a lot of diversity out of my guitar.

i also have a 75 watt combo line 6 amp, and am wondering if I need a better amp to achieve the sound i wan't as well as a guitar. im thinking like a 500-600 marshall. but i also need to know what kind of amp i need for this sound that i wan't, whether its marshall, vox, or w/e. and i also need to know what amps will sound good with an SG or the kind of Fender that I'm looking at.

I know this is a huge topic, but i need a lot of help and it would be much appreciated, thanks
save up for a nice amp dude, a Carvin MTS is 850 and it's 100000000 times better than the line 6. also try the 6505+ etc...
Work on a new amp man. You got a nice guitar as it is so you shouldnt get a new one. From what you've said I'd go for a Vox amp. Those are amazing. I'm getting the Vox Valvetronix soon and its the best amp I've ever played, It can handle ANY style whatsoever. Youre little friends Fall Out Boy and Taking Back Sunday play Vox I believe. You can also get a real good Incubus sound out of it.
well, to be honest you'd need a Fat strat imo for that,, the sg should be pretty much perfect for that stuff, but as far as I know, you'll be wanting a humbucker, and the line six....eh...if you like it, then it's fine, but you don't want to buy a 500-600 marshall unless it's a used tube amp, because MG's suck, i don't know if you'd like the vox for that kind of music, i play mainly classic rock with a bit of metal thrown in and i love it, so you may wanna try it out, if you're just looking for another guitar and want the strat shape, but don't mind being a little different, try these, they're fender showmaster's, strat shape, but humbuckers, and they've got an amazing sound, and they're a set neck, so no bulky neck joint like on strats,


if you want the classic strat, here's a highway one HSS strat


hope that helps
You should take a look at the LC30's from Laney. They're great valve amps that you can gig with and will improve your sound more than adding just another guitar. Consider getting an amp rather than another guitar
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Hmm to start off I'll answer your first little query about the sound of each guitar.

Basically you got the guitars you talked about:

Gibson Les Paul, Fender Stratocaster, and Fender Telecaster.

Gibson Les Paul: First introduced as a jazz/blues guitar, but is now renowned for being used for hard rock, making it the most versatile in my opinion. Best fitted for "Hard Rock".

Fender Stratocaster: About as much a blues guitar can get. It's just perfect for genre of blues. It's obviously been used in lots of rock, but usually nothing too heavy. Best fitted for "Blues/Rock".

Fender Telecaster: This gives the twang country guitarists need and want. But that doesn't mean it's limited to just that. As proven by Jimmy Page in his early days with Led Zeppelin it can be used for hard rock as well as some blues. Best fitted for "Country/Rock".

You said that the next step for LP would cost you a good 2G's, but you could always go for Les Paul Studio, they go for something like $1,200 at MF.com although out of your price range it could still be worth it to save up, and don't be afraid to go on ebay looking for deals there are steals there everyday.

I'd suggest saving for a Les Paul Studio, I just think it's so versatile that it would perfectly fit the bands that you listed.

Now since I'm not exactly a "guru" on amps I'll have someone else take that question, hopefully I helped you out somewhat.
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on ebay, you can find a used musicman silhouette special for like 700
it has the versatility of a strat and it also can do great heaviers tones and such because of the gorgeous bridge humbucker (dimarzio evolution)
though i think you really need to get a new amp
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Maybe it's not the tone you're looking for, but once you have it you'll never want to go back. I played one of these at a local shop and there's a pretty good chance it'd be my amp if I went pro/got signed to a major label. It's 80 Watts of A-Class tube, Plexi all the way, worth every penny.
Thx guys, but plz keep it coming. from what i hear, i'm probably better off spending my money on an amp rather than a guitar. it seems like everyone is saying that strats are for blues and lighter rock, but i don't really mind that too much, but versatility is a must, and i definitely need to be able to crank up some distortion on my guitar. I'm gonna check out the les paul studio. but i really like the strat look, and can you guys elaborate on that deeper sound? and chad said that a 500$ marshal isn't worth it, so does that mean Vox is what i'm looking for? i'm still not sure. i need massive variety from my amp, like the bands i listed.
Like I said before, seriosuly look into a Vox Valvetronix half stack. It's a modelling amp so it can do Classic Rock, Blues, Punk, and Metal. I love it.

I am personally in love with the Gibson Les Paul Studio as well. Very lightweight for a Les Paul and has amazing playability and tone.

Fender Strats aren't that versatile unless there is a humbucker in it. You'd definately want t humbucker in whatever guitar you do get.
nice, so a vox is sounding good, ixnay on the strat, although maybe i can use my sg for the heavier stuff and a strat for the lighter stuff. thx for the help so far, I'm thinking that maybe all i need is the amp because, honestly i think my SG sounds pretty good as is. i gotta go to guitar center and check it out.
if i were you i would keep the sg as my main guitar and buy a mim fender and an epiphone les paul.
not a terrible idea, but you can't honestly tell me that an epiphone les paul will come even close to a real one