Hey everybody, I'm in the market for a new amp, I currently have a Marshall AVT150H and matching cab but I want to go to something all tube. I play a lot of different styles, punk, metal, hardcore, rock. My main influences are RATM, Social Distortion, Children of Bodom and Comeback Kid. The singer/guitarist from Comeback Kid said to go with the Mesa Triple Rectifier, would that be a good choice? I play a Les Paul and a Strat and I'm planning on buying a Edwards RV-138 after the amp. Thanks for the help guys. On another note what is the Marshall that I have worth used?
ok mesa boogie amps are friggin awesome!! I dk any of the bands you like very well but all i know is that my mesa dual rec is the best thing around. you dont need a triple rec. THats 150 watt all tube. Its extra tubes to replace and more money that you dont need to spend on volume you wont use. Get a dual rec im tellinya yull love it.
Iff you like marshalls theyre good too but mesa are way better for hardcore, punk, and hi gain rock. Marshall is better for classic rock.
your guitars will sound great on a mesa. Especially the edwards. Oh and be prepared to spend 2600 on a mesa halfstack. Your avt is probably wort around 800. idk. I tink theyre 1200 new as a stack am i right? Edwards guitars are the japanees esp' s or sometin rite?
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Edwards are a Japanese only division of ESP, higher end than the LTD's here but not quite on the same level as the ESP's, the E-RV-138 is a gorgeous guitar though, EMG 81's, Floyd Rose, Neck Through, 24 frets, Original Floyd Rose.
I know Mesa are great for metal and hardcore but can they be dialed down a bit for more of a rock sound, like Social Distortion or Pearl Jam? I plan on mainly playing metal I think, but I have pretty diverse tastes. (RATM, At the Drive-In, Mastodon, Pearl Jam, Hendrix, Children of Bodom, Comeback Kid, Social Distortion, Neil Young, Rancid, Killswitch Engage, Millencolin, old Rise Against just to give people a general idea of the sounds I'd like to be able to cover).
I've heard some great stuff about the Edwards guitars. How much are they? I saw one used for about 1,000 USD, seems pretty expensive.

Anyway, what's your limit?
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The E-RV 138 is about 1160 USD after shipping, definately not cheap but a quality guitar. As far as the amp goes I'm willing to spend what I have to for the right amp, I've gone through a few already, always working my way up, I usually buy used equipment though so I don't take much of a loss when I resell it.
Belive me, Dual Recs can be dialed down for punk! The 2 gain channels have 3 different settings each for gain: Raw, Vintage and Modern. You can take it from Cradle of Filth to Social Distortion with a flick of a switch. It is a really versatile amp. If you are wanting an amp that will last the rest of your life I would recommend it.
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