i like games but i havent played any in a while, my favorites are RPGs, whats the best(in your opinion) the best RPG for the xbox (not the 360)? i like games set in the medieval time period. suggestions?
Knights of the Old Republic (the sequel was good, but not as good) is probably the best RPG on the system. As for an ancient (medieval) setting try out Fable.
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KOTOR 1 and 2, and morrowind, all of them are incredible
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ive already played and beaten halo and fable in the past, ill check out morrowing and kotor, they have good reviews and stuff, thanks everybody
I'm gonna have to go with Fable: The Lost Chapters.

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Fable's a great game but pretty short and shallow compared to Morrowind which is TOO long and profound. A great medium is Oblivion but its only for the 360 or PC.
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There would be little doubt over the following rpg's as being the best xbox has to offer. However the order i place them in may be of some debate.

5. Knights of the old republic (sith lords)

4. Fable

3. Knights of the old republic

2. Morrowind

1. Jade Empire
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Fable: The Lost Chapters is great, and it has quite a bit more gameplay than Fable. Plus, it's only $20 I think.
I thought Jade Empire was a good game, because of the kick ass fights.
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Morrowind or Oblivion FTW
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If you get a three sixty, Oblivion is the greatest game I've ever played. It's even better on the PC.
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it stands for role playing game, and thanks everybody, im gonna pick up morrowind at blockbuster in a few days, and a friend of mine has KOTOR, and if i like morrowind ill buy it
Pretty much what everyone else has said, Knights of the old republic 1&2 and the Elder Scrolls III, Morrowiwnd are brilliant rpg's. I hear Fable is good too, though i have yet to play it.
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u can buy KOTOR and morrowind for like 6 buck a piece, so just get both, dont even bother renting em...
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