Too much fuzz, not enough definition for me. Some people like it though.
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It really depends on the type of distortion you're looking for. If you want straight-up fuzz, there's always the Big Muff (which I own and like). If you want more of an overdrive, you should look into DI boxes with built-in signal boost/distortion. MXR makes good examples of these, and if you don't mind spending more money, so does Line 21.
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Sounds to me like an excuse.

"Honey, I've got to buy a new bass! This diamond is made of a dead guy! I made him a promise!"

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I say try it out. It works for me, although I don't put it through heavy use. From other threads like this, try it out and make sure you've got the right settings or it might sound like crap.
I bought one, fiddled around with it for aaaages, sold it and bought a big muff.
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I suggest the Diesel Dawg by Gallien Krueger. It uses the same distortion circuit as in their amps, and by just playing with the gain knob, you can get anything from a slight growl to metal madness! My amp has the distortion built into it, but if I ever get another amp, I'll buy this pedal just for my distortion tone. I love it.
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I own one but i use it as a boost pedal to cut through at certain times, not an overdrive pedal.
It works really well as a boost but the overdrive isnt very clear and a bit fuzzy and muddy.
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I don't really like the sound from it.

A more all-purpose distortion/overdrive pedal is probably the Ibanez PD7.

Something you may want to look into is the HAO Rust Ride. Lots of people on other forums seem to like it, but I find it is very messy and gain-y. I don't like it. I tried one out and it sounded nothing like the nicely overdriven sound clips I heard on zzounds.

You might like it though. It's kinda expensive, however- ~$190 CDN.

I use this baby! Turn up the mids for an awesome distorted groul, and turn up the highs for that fuzz! And overall it just has that really messy distorted sound I love!

(yes I knwo it is a guitar distortion)
(yes I know it may be a bit too much distortion for you other guys)
(shut up)
the ODB-3 is OK, i only use it for like down tuned distortion riffs, but i think the ODB-3 is very good with the low B on 5 strings
I have it and I think it's pretty damn good, you can get a good variety of sounds from it, from just a bit of overdrive to a real nice metal crunchy sound, and it's great for just a bit of fuzz or just using it as a boost for clean tone
I'm not sure on this, sometimes I can get some great sounds out of it, a big muff style fuzz or a grinding industrial like distortion. And sometimes it sounds like a pile of crap.
i reccomend you try first just to make sure.

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I think its way too fuzzy and crappy, kinda like that cheap tinny cheap amp distortion that everyone hates. much prefer my PD7
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