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looking for a new guitar dont want models but brands which one do you think suits me to play metal, pantera metallica etc that sort of shit. ive got a ibanez and that seems to do me ****ing great but maybe a change? esp? ibanez? dean?

Well if its great and working for you why does it matter?
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well i got cash on the hip and the front pickups busted and i cant be arsed to fix it, it will be fix in the future, just lot of money came my way so... might as well :P

I'd go for and ESP since they're quality shit and they're pickups are quite decent, even the the cheaper models.
jacksons are great
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jackson, ESP, bc rich maybe, ibanez, dean, something of that, look more closely to jackson and esp though
the ESP eclipse model is pretty sweet

you mentioned pantera and metallica so if you want to be like them get either a Dean ML or the KH ESP(can't remember the actual name) or the James Hetfield truckster. they are all pretty good guitars
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yeah my brothers got a jackson and i wasnt to amazed by it:P they are good but they aint my cup of tea and also my brothers had alot of problems with it, not saying all jackons are the same, it just put me off

aint that im a collector i just have a guitar "fetish" if you like :P just like havin em