Hey everyone, I'm really enjoying my guitar, and I've decided to do some early research on guitars I may buy in the future. Since I like my Ibanez RG120 so much I thought I'd go with another Ibanez, and I went to their website.

From the descriptions, it seems the S series may be a good choice for me. It's got a light weight but still a thick tone, and is extremely durable from what I've read.

In terms of stuff that I buy, that's what I'm all about: I like high-quality, minimalist (small/lightweight) durable stuff that I can use for years and years without worrying about it, designed for comfort and style with all the small and subtle things there.

However, in a guitar I'm really looking for a voice. I've played piano for like ten years, and the reason I'm learning electric is to "sing" through my instrument. I like singers with a lot of fullness into their voice and able to produce beautiful and smooth sounds, but also the ability to get really raspy/throaty/screechy if necessary. Do you think the S series is for me?

As always, love you guys for your great advice, thanks!!
the S Series should be good, and if you can bump it up to the S Prestige...you should have a guitar that will last a lifetime.
Haha cool, sounds great! Is there a "cutoff" price on what I should spend on an S series guitar? Are the difference between the different models a big difference? (like between S and S prestige)

I'm looking for a guitar that will last me forever, so I'm willing to pay that extra price, but don't want to pay for nothing. I still like to buy for max value!