I know the stickied amp threads have something about this...but i need some people to actually say it, instead of the site.

OK, so what wattage is good enough to gig with. I play gigs in large pavillions, a building a little bigger than the average Dollar General, and in some auditoriums.

usually there is no house PA, only exception is at battle of the bands which is in a large auditorium. But any other time, i need the amp to support itself in volume, and maintain a good sound.

So what wattage:
-solid state


I'll be competing with a all-tube half stack, and a loud drummer. And all the usual stuff that you would expect from a heavy band.
any 100-watt amp and a 412 will do...
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i have a fifty watt, and im in a band where the bassist and other guitarist both have stacks. yet, it still works fine for me. mind you, our shows usually have a p.a system innvolved, but iv done two or three without and it does me good.
well i play a crate fxt 120, and umm it does me good it's solid state. i think 100 watts and up for what your doing
Tube - at least 50watts. Preferably 2 or more speakers.
SS - IMO, at least 120ish or something like that.

For what you want to do anyways...

Theres a difference between being heard clearly and being just right in the mix and being heard but your amp sounds like shit because youre pushing it to hard...which causes you to be lost in the mix.
If you are doing larger shows with no pa, I would definately recommend 100+ watts, preferably all tube. Just know that not all tube amps are created equally!
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If it's all tube then atleast a 30 watt amp, you'll probably want to mic it too. If you're using a solid state amp then you'll want atleaset 50 watts and you'll also want to mic that.
If you're gigging it's worth going tube. A 50watt tube half stack will be plenty, and it will sound great.
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I use a Mode Four. Its loud enough to play damn arenas
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I'll be competing with a all-tube half stack, and a loud drummer. And all the usual stuff that you would expect from a heavy band.

well, maybe your band she re-evaluate what your trying to do. A band is supposed to work together to make your stuff sound good, if ur competing to see who goes louder then just stop playing.

but back to the matter at hand.

If ur gonna gig, i would suggest a 50watt tube amp. Fender Deville(60watts) is plenty loud. You really dont need a tube halfstack and combos are easier to carry
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