ok so ive been looking at getting a new guitar for a while now, and since i already got an american strat for playing my classic rock stuff, i was looking towards getting a guitar more suited for 80's metal, like priest, maiden and motley crue sorta stuff. i wanted an explorer but found out they dont make them left handed anymore (im left handed) and it would cost me twice as much to have it custom built. so the question is what sorta left handed guitar can i get for that sort of playing? do they make left handed flying v's? im looking at about a 1000$ price range, but i can possibly stretch it to an extra 200. help would be appreciated
I like the feel of Jacksons but I can't tell you too much about them because I don't own one. They're the nicest guitars that I've played that'll give you that kind of sound. I'm pretty sure a Les Paul will get you that 80's hair metal sound, but I've never been big on Les Pauls.
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