I was justing walking around the guitar center store looking for some new effects and I came across one of the Digitech Whammy pedals used.

I asked the guy at the counter how much it was and the pedal was only $90.

He said the foot pedal you rock forward is a bit loose but tightening the bolt can fix it.

I had a look out of the box, it was dusty and a bit blemished plus the bolts holding the pedal part were pretty much rusty and worn. However they said it worked just fine.

Good deal? I was saving for other gear but this seems like a deal seeing as the pedal is like $200 new.
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test it is all i can say, if it works, then u got a deal
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Test it first, as said already. I just bought one and at $90 that would be a steal. Good luck!
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