Whats the best way to go about learning scales? I've recently decided that I'm going to learn scales, well enough that I can use them without having to really think about it. I'm just wondering what people do to help remember them. I want to learn in all positions around the neck,so I can go to different keys when told/ needed. So whats a good way to go about it?
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I'm just wondering what people do to help remember them.

I play them. Serious.
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Practice. Start with one pattern at a time by playing them up and down. Then start using them to play solos, melodies, and riffs.
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I agree, practice them over and over again. I did a funny way really, with the diatonic scales, I learnt them all right, then thought hmmm I wonder what this pattern would be like if I moved it up a fret...and then I realized that it was actually another scale I was playing...after Major came Dorian...sorted!
When I want to learn scales, I just figure out what notes are in the scale. Then I don't think about position as much as just what notes I am playing while I play. To do this you have to know what notes you are playing, so just do it slowly first and practice a lot until you pretty much can just play a any fret on any string and instantly know what you are playing. Im not saying I am that good at it, but I am trying. Anyway, point is, try not to think about finger positioning but rather what notes you are playing.
The very first step to learning a scale is learning ALL the finger positions up the neck.
That's ONLY the first step and it's just so you know where all the notes are and get
a feel for the general pattern of the scale on the neck.

For maximum flexibility, I'd recommend learning three note per string fingerings of
most scales. It's amazing what you can do with patterns when everything is in a
consistent 3 note per string format.

Then, and this will likely continue until you die, start learning and practicing patterns
that move through the scale and finger positions in a variety of ways. You can learn
linear patterns, intervals, arpeggios .... all kinds of stuff that goes thru the scale
horizontally, vertically and diagonally over the fretboard. This will not only train your
fingers, but it will improve how you "see" scale connections anywhere on the fretboard.