Does any one know what the exact dimensions a fender strat pick ups should be at or how to adjust them to their correct position?
I know how to adjust them,.. the 2 screws on either end of the pickup adjust the height...

I have no idea how close they should be. Play around with it and see what you think is best? I'm not sure there is an exact measurement?
There is no exact measurement, fool around with them and find where you like.
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Erm...Too close might cause the pickups to pull the strings closer, resulting in poor intonation.
Fret the strings at the last fret you have on your guitar, which is probably the 21st, or 22nd.
Then measure the distance between strings and the pole pieces. The closest you should ever have them is about a nickel (Yeah, the coin.) or about an 1/8" away from the strings.

You can adjust to your own tastes, and try to balance the output of the pickups, by having the bridge pickup the closest one to the strings, and figuring it out from there. The bridge pickup should be the closest, as it's it's placed in the area where strings are more...stiff, I guess, so vibrations don't occur as freely as in the neck position.
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I put my finger on the last fret of the guitar press down, and then I make the pickups go as high as I can without toching the strings, I always go slightly higher on the high E string and lower on the base notes because of the size difference obviously.
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