I'm thinking of pairing up a Vox AD120VTH head, and a Vox V412BK cab...all together about 950 bucks... Has anyone tried the head?
...yeah blues is fine, but this amp can do more than just blues...I'm gonna try it out next week
If you have that money, there's plenty of other all-tube amps you can get, especially if you look used. The Valvetronixs are great amps, but there's plenty of other options with that budget.
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Quote by Wayward_Son
If you have that money, there's plenty of other all-tube amps you can get, especially if you look used. The Valvetronixs are great amps, but there's plenty of other options with that budget.

+1 on the tubes idea, the Vox AD amps are a great deal, but after a certain price you can do better.
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valvetronixes are pretty good, but you can do much, much better for that budget, guaranteed.
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my friend has the full stack version. its really good. i like it. it gets REALLY loud. and though it is not full tube. it really does sound good. if you want it go for it. plus it has a wattge knob on the back so you can crank it and get those good tube sounds at lower volumes.
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950 hmmm... So you play blues? why not just go out and get a used Marshall TSL or DSL.

You can get a 60 watt tsl head for somewhere between 650 and 850 used and a 100 watt tsl head for about a grand.

The DSL's cost alot less but they lack the special third channel of it's less affordable TSl kin
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950? A used fender hot rod deville or deluxe shouldnt run you more than 500 and that still leaves you with 450 to spend on other stuff.
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I wouldn't suggest a TSL or a DSL when he plays blues... (it'll sound too much modern and much much gain but if TS is also playing another style IE Nu-Metal then yeah... just try it though)

other tube amps to look at:

Marshall = Plexi, JCM800 (Single Channel), Bluesbreaker (used)
Vox = AC30
Laney = VC30
Orange = Rocker 30
Fender = Bassman (used)

if you're into more blues though...

goodluck on your amp search
valvetronix are weak. I am a vox fan, but honestly, the valvetronix lacks the punch and bite that vox is all about. My biggest disapointment with the valvetronix is the dynamics and response of it.

if youre down with the vox, there is only one true vox amp, and thats the AC30s,

the old school handwired ones are probably out of hte question, but the custom classics are amazing. CHeck them out,

i use the head through a marshall 4x12, but thats because i wanted to tame the mids a bit, and use them through celestian V30s.

the combos are amazing though, and totally worth getting if you like the unique vox tone. Itll be just as loud as a half stack, just elevate it off the ground with a box, or a 2 12 cab. They don't cost that much more, and you can totally keep this thing for life, studio, live whatever, its great.

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Although it's a good and versitile, spend the money on a decent valve amp instead.
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hey thanks guys...I play more rock and metal than blues...idk where the blues thing got started but oh well haha. Would the TSL be loud enough for gigs?...( I know tube amps are supposed to be louder than SS amps, but I cranked up a 50W Valveking, and it was terrible)
It should be. And it's not fair to judge other valve amps by the Valveking, it's far worse than most.The TSL should be loud enough.
I would also suggest a Peavey JSX, probably used. Great amp.