Artist name: theRedPress
Location: Brookings, SD
Influences: The Police, Thin Lizzy, Coheed And Cambria, The Cure, Iron Maiden, Tegan And Sara, Name Taken, Garbage, Extol, Dream Theater, and a whole lot more.

Band Members
Rhythm Guitar, Amateur Vocals - Brent Moresco
Lead Vocals, Lead Artist - Reuben Baca

Hey there. My name is Brent Moresco and I am the man behind the music known as theRedPress, Novellice, and Kidnapping Caleb - just to name a few of the projects. All my work is conceptual. I've been developing Novellice for the past ten years, and it is currently my main focus. There are hundreds of tracks at this point, all demos.

The conceptual side of theRedPress and Novellice, are being presented in the form of graphic novels, which Reuben is diligently sketching for right now. Novellice is currently only available in a storyline presentation, available in several different file formats.

Here's what I ask:
I'm interested in meeting some people, capable of playing the songs, to join this band. However, I'm only interested in you if you're in love with the project and WANT to contribute to it. So please check it out, and read the comics too, or you won't have a clue what you're getting involved with. I've invested far too much time to simply jump tracks, though I always keep an open ear to ideas or suggestions.

Who I'm looking for:
The right musicians will be very into playing acoustically, have recording equipment handy and an internet connection to swap tracks. Odds are, you don't live in my neck of the woods. I'm not going to pigeonhole everything and say I need a bassist, drummer, etc...I do, but I'm open to other instruments as well. Violin, flute, whatever as long as it works with the material.

I am assembling a press kit of material at the specific request of a major label. I'm very interested in joining a label if it will help in the creation of better quality music and can help get the band out and playing shows.

That was a lot to read, so thanks for taking the time to do so. Below are links to my myspace, official webpage, forums, and more.

official website: www.novellice.com/theRedPress/
myspace: www.myspace.com/novellice
forums: www.novellice.com/forum/
isound: www.isound.com/novellice
Added mp3.com:

Sent the press kit to Columbia Records finally. Hopefully they're still into it as much as last week! ^^

Still looking for musicians/reviews....anything related to that would be good. I was contacted about doing shirts and I'll see about a cd or two when that's figured out as well.