So i have some problems when it comes to playing off the top of my head. My guitar teacher and i were playing a basic 12 bar blues shuffle pattern, and when a break came up i was to solo. However, i found my playing to be quite linear, really only going up and down the minor pentatonic. now i have no problem with the minor pentatonic, but it really just seems whenever i jam, all it sounds like im doing is playing up and down the strings. id like to incorporate more string skipping really. anyone have advice on how to improve my jam skills or some sites with lessons? thanks in advance.
Skip over certain frets. bend the strings, go slow, then go fast, basically anything that you can do to change things up. Find out how the minor pentatonic relates to the major and minor scales and add some of those notes. Anything that you can do to change the pattern. Try adding chords, and their tones. Most Important: Don't play licks exclusively.
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Don't play licks exclusively.

But obviously, learn some and use them.
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