I would buy a new amp because i don't like my MG15. I play trash, death, black and folk metal. Wich amp would be the better for me ?

Oh, my guitar is a Jay Turser so I do not want to spend all my money on a amp to buy a new guitar too
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VK with an OD pedal. I have a VK and if I need a boost, I use a Digitech Bad Monkey.
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folk metal? hahahahahha hows that work?, hahhahahaha haha
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Yeah I've never heard of folk metal either. haha, is that like clean channeled Opeth?

Its a legit form of metal. Not that i listen to it. Its mostly nordic bands. Folk lyrics with a butt-load of distortion.
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dude, try the VK before you buy it...I bought it without trying it, and I thought it sucked bun. (yes bun)
I've got the Valveking 112 and love it. You will need a pedal for the metal listed. With its own distortion you can get some of the early metal, but for Black and death and stuff I'm going to get a Jekyll and Hyde for it.

Confined rage, google video Finntroll. I have the video for the song Trollhammaron (guess they like the word "troll") and its pretty crazy stuff.

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If you go for a Valveking 112, try it out first. I hear most of them are great but a couple are lemons (bad quality control or something).
I think that i will forget the Valveking, if i realy need a pedal to have a loud overdrive. thanks you all !

PS : Finntroll have only one song named with 'troll" :P
go for the VK with an OD, its your best bet. I'm not a huge fan of Crate amps in general, but the Valvekings aer very nice. Hook that up with a Jekyll and Hyge UO and your set for some real nice tones.
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