K so i stopped by at my local music store yesterday to try out a randall I was considering. I tryed it out for an hour and didn't like it because for shred it sounded horrible. Whenever I sweeped it sounded liek i was taking a shit on my guitar strings.

Another amp im considering is the Marshall dsl 401 and i wanted to try it out but the guy only let me play it for 5 minutes because i'd been there for a while and he thought i was just some kid that stopped by at the store for fun just to play amps. Which your allowed to do but the guy was being an asshole so i had to leave.

So anyway i only got to try it for 5 minutes but it seemed ok. My sweeps sounded alot better than on the crappy randall.

So my question basicly is can the Dsl 401 do shred? Because it seemed ok for the time I played it but i just want to make sure before i stop by the store again and decide to buy it.

Im also planning to use it with a delay pedal so i guess that will help a little.

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i've had my eye on the mesa boogie line, my price range is under $600.

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maybe you could buy a picture of one for 600, and just pretend for awhile...

If a Plexi can do it than a DSL should be able to. The DSL is a great amp IMO, but i might suggest a MESA.
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Have you looked at Laney? Those are nice. I have a JCM900 and it can't really do shred (maybe because my reverb is broken...) but I have never played the DSL401, but it seems like a great amp.