Waste away hours on the phone
Why is it so hard to talk about?
Its only just my life.
And it was never like this before.
But lets face the facts
My writing is so impersonal
Afraid to mention anything important
Nothings like it was before.
And even if we tried to go back
We couldn’t.
Because its not like that
And this place that weve wound up in
isnt anything like before.

okay, well hope you liked it c4c
The only truly consistent people are dead people.

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I dunno I didn't get much out of this, just felt like you were writing, with no real purpose. not that writing always has to have a purpose... it kind of grew on me some the second tiem i read it. The opening almost made me go back and not comment though, i really think it is bad.
Can you see in the dark? Can you see the look on your face?
this sounds rather like what we do.....jeeeeeeees
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