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I know a lot of you are gonna think this is a really pointless thread but I'm posting it anyway.

Recently I found this post on a website that said, "Why do you listen to metal?" No one answered but it kind of made me think of why I listen to it. The poster said that he knows some people listen to it to get an adrenaline rush, others for the lyrics, and others because it makes them feel hardcore. So I just thought I'd post this here since it's a bit more populated. So, why do you listen to metal?

Oh yeah, and don't say something like, "well obviously you don't listen to metal because you have a Lamb of God avatar." It's from a while ago. I don't listen to LoG any more.
adrenaline rush and some songs take my mind away from stress and shit so its kinda like a painkiller/caffiene pill if you wanna compare it to drugs
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I wouldn't say "I listen to metal" as such. I'd say I listen to good music, which some of it turns out to be various forms of heavy metal. That's all it is, it's good music. The same reason I listen to instrumental stuff.
Yeah. I tried and it didn't work so I just never tried again.

I forgot to put my reason. I actually like the music because I think the guys are extremely talented, and certain songs give me an adrenaline rush.
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Yeah. I tried and it didn't work so I just never tried again.

I forgot to put my reason. I actually like the music because I think the guys are extremely talented, and certain songs give me an adrenaline rush.

Yeah i agree with u, metal bands have some extremely good musicians, especially guitarist for metal bands, and its also a genre where other people who like it arnt gonna judge u. its accepting

(A recent study shows that 92% of all teenagers have moved on to rap music. Put this in your profile if you are one of the 8% who stayed with the real music)

Just because it's so good. In MOST bands, the instruments and vocals are VERY impressive, and the lyrics even more. It's true art in my mind, and I get to become a very very angry person after a while and DM helps me cool down allot.

And it gets me pumped up for some good Soccer.
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Not a pointless thread at all. I listen to metal because...

1) It lets out anger
2) It's intense and delivers an amazing adrenaline rush
3) Metal has a nearly-overwhelming amount of hooks
4) The lyrics/themes can be very deep or personal
5) I just love mounds of distortion, topped with inhuman vocals
6) Metal has balls
7) When experimented with, metal can reach great heights
8) I like weird/unpopular art, and metal is the last thing getting airplay
9) It's fun as hell to play
10) It comes in many varieties, like a trip to Baskin Robbins (in hell...of course)
Yeah. The riffs are the best part of it for me. I can't stop thinking of the opening to Nile's Annihilation of the Wicked.
I love metal for tons of reasons. Nothing better then listening to some good ol' death metal to get me pissed off before a football game. Gives me great adrenaline. Lyrics not so important, but I have to say I used to, and sometimes still do, listen to "Where the Silent Gods Stand Guard" by Amon Amarth right before a game. The song wouldn't be as powerful if I didn't know the lyrics. Read it along with the song and you'll see. Pure fukken' rush!

Oh, and I forgot, the musicians reign supreme in my book, and when I play it, it pushes me to my limits and is fun as **** to play. Also, it's funny to boom it in my car and see the "gansta's" look at me and yell "Kracka!"

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I listen to it because next to blues, it probably takes the most talent out of any musical genre to play well. I also like it because the riffs/bass lines/drum lines that some metal artists come up are just inhuman (i.e. Dragonforce). It takes years, even a decade or so to play like that. The main reason why I listen to it is because I hate what this current hip hop/rap fad thing is doing to society and kids now. They think that it's cool to idolize gang members who rob, rape, kill, and maim people just because it's the "in" thing right now. If anything, they should idolize guys like Bruce Dickenson, Dimebag Darrel, Herman Li and such. They give me something to look up to and something to look forward to down the road when I'll eventually posses that kind of talent.
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That's scary, no one else listens to metal like Decapitated for the riffs. I must be a freak!

Oh wait. I listen to Decapitated.
I just like it really, no other music gives me that want to rock out, and the thump of it is amazing, can't explain it really.
Because if I didn't listen to metal I would listen to rap...

and then I couldn't live with myself
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Loads of reasons.

1) Musicianship.
2) Diversity (There're many different genre's to venture into, and most are unique in they're own way)
3) I'm a weird kid, I like weird art, and I like music most people dont listen to. Like Blues, Jazz, and Classical especially. Metal just fits.
4) Sounds good. Usually. And when it doesnt, its still interesting (Frantic Disembowelment?).
5) Challenges my brain and ears.
6) Fun as hell to play, and pushes my limits on the fretboard. Because I cant sweep for shit. XD
7) Because sometimes I want to tone people out, and unlike other music, it lets me do that.
8) Because the metal I listen to is rarely the same. Its all original.
9) Oh, its original.
10) It can set a mood for me.
11) To play it takes talent and skill. And sometimes heavy-as-**** strings, & 7 strings/8 strings. (For instance Cannibal Corpse's Frantic Disembowelment. I can barely get the first riff and half speed. But then again, I've barely worked on it.)
12) Because I like it.
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I like it because of the sheer mastery of their instrument(s). Bands like Amon Amarth or the like have astounding drums and really good guitar. I also get an 'adrenaline rush' from it, thought I really wouldn't call it that, it just helps me when I work out. And, it helps me vent.
metal is the superior music genre lol. It gives an adrenaline rush.
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i listen to metal because i don't know, it relaxes me in a way. the sheer brutality of the music i find relaxing, so i chill out abit.
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Because I'm bored, angry, frustrated, annoyed, hateful of this society, have a message, and generally for the fact I have found more peace and accpetence at heavy metal shows than my own youth group. I love people's reactions to heavy metal because they don't understand it, and it proves my point that people judge what they don't know. Because of the social and political impacts it's made. Because my parents yell at me for it, and that makes me hella more into it. And yeah.
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I don't really like metal. I only pretend to like it to make me really popular among my peers and to make me look really cool on the internet.

Because it is the only way you can attain validity in life. You must also hate christians.
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I like the guitar mostly. And the lyrics are mostly pretty good depending on the band.

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would you say muse is metal cause i really liten to them there sort of an escape, the lyrics are beutiful and music is genious i love muse and cant spell
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i like the heavy music in the songs... plus all the songs ant about girls n relationships n depressive shit like what u hear these days... they r more up lifting songs that tell u to wake up to ur self and live ur life n just forget the bad shit... i like that.. . plus i kinda need it at this point of time
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i just like how skilled the people who play metal music are, since the main focus is not on the image of the band/person (like the majority of pop music today) but how they are playing their instrument. also the vocals are impressive and the lyrics to a large number of songs have a significant meaning or story to them (concept albums anyone?).
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I listen to metal because I enjoy hearing bands that are technically proficient on their instruments and don't just bang away on four chords while tuning down to God knows what with their pants half way down their ass. It's fun to play and really helps me deal with all the everday stress of life. The melodic hooks are great as well and sometimes, it's just badass to hear demonic vocals that make your soul shake

EDIT: and for the solos. This is the most important reason
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Because I work in a Stainless Steel Factory.
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I listen to metal for the music. Metal music has a lot of skill in it.

And i liste to metal music when i feel shit. It sorta adds up to the pointless anger, rage, aggressiveness and all the heavy music takes off the "shit"... Yeah, i can t explain it well.. but listen to heavy music when u feel shit and u'll uderstand how well it works.
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I like the riffs, the drums, and sometimes the lyrics. I especially like heavily distorted and/or harmonized guitars, and the sheer amount of energy the music has.
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