Uh, yeah so my band and i all did a recording in my basement so bear with the sound quality lol. uhm, it's called "The American Tragedy" listen to it please and tell me what you think, about the guitar, bass, drums, vocals, all the critique. no holds barred, just be dead, blatently honest for me. thanks.

Ok so to be honest it sounds like a crappy Green Day copy...the singer blows and sounds frankly like a retard. I mean its just, punk and all these types of anti-guitar hero genres are supposed to have some type of melody...you know what, I think all you need a is a better singer...just get rid of him, god
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Umm... that was bad. Your singer needs to learn how to use a microphone, and should probably learn a little something about singing. You need better recording equipment. You need to learn how to play together. You need a song with something interesting going on, there was nothing in that song that made me want to listen to it. It was just some guitar chords, a drum beat, and some yelling.

Now for the good points... You all seemed to know the song. The instruments are pretty much balanced volume-wise; and, most importantly, you've accomplished something.
The bass was horrible and not in key in the intro. The drums seems okay. The singer is horrible, he basically talks and then yells like he has touretts. The guitar work is typical "I've been playing for 2 months" - esqe stuff found in garage punk.

Sorry, but you said be blunt.
Thanks for being honest last post. I'm surprised no one else caught the horrible bass. That was me. I thought it was only a test run, not a real recording. I didn't even play the right notes in the intro due to lack on communication. Ad our vocals are more.. 'Yeah.. we have no one else so you do them." He was originally a second guitar. He's our friend so it's kind of hard to completely kick him out of the band. We don't know what to do. We're recording this again when we have time, it's hard for me with track and all. We have had very limited time together as a band so we're not that good yet.