We'll play whatever genres the band feels like playing, although we'll lean towards punk/pop-punk mostly.

Lead Vocals- One position- All free.
Backup Vocals- Up to two positions- One free. (Must play instrument to do backup vocals)
Lead Guitar- One position- All free.
Rhythm Guitar- One position- All taken.
Bass Guitar- Up to four positions- All free.
Drumset- One position- All free.
Keyboard- Optional, but will consider- All free.

Taken Positions
Lead Vocals- None.
Backup Vocals- Musical Minority
Lead Guitar- None.
Rhythm Guitar- Musical Minority
Bass Guitar- None.
Drumset- None.
Keyboard- None.

1) You must have ample playing experience. Five months or so should do it at least.
2) You must be dedicated and willing to do things on a deadline.
3) You must be online at least twice a week, but trice would be even better.
4) Be at band meetings/jam sessions.
5) You must have MSN Messenger and fairly reliable/fast internet.
6) You must have your own instruments. No borrowing your friend's Gibson Les Paul because you own a crap guitar.
7) You must be willing to write your own riffs.
8) You must know how to read guitar tabs, as well as classical notation.
9) You've got to have good teamwork ethic. Be a team player, or you're not going to be in this band.
10) Be a good sport and have a good attitude. If you don't like what another band member's doing, be civilized and work out the problem instead of having a flame war, etc.
11) If you've got awesomer recording gear than the rest of us, please share it.

To sign up:
If you meet all the above requirements, and are interested in a spot on the band, post a message with the following template. (Just copy, paste, and fill out) It would be appreciated if you also deleted the parentheses when filling out.

Name (What you want us to call you. Can be real or fake.)- Your name here.
Position wanted (Vocal/instrument/both)- Your wanted position(s) here.
Level of experience (Beginner, Intermediate, Expert)- Ditto.
Time playing weekly- Ditto.
Model played (Like a Fender Strat or dw drums.)- Ditto.
Area of Knoxville (Near West Town Mall, etc.)- Ditto.

I and any band mates will review the application. If you are accepted, we will ask for an original recording of your playing via PM. If you are not, I will also send a PM and hope there will be no hard feelings between us.

-Musical Minority-

Name- Minority.
Position wanted- Backup vocals/rhythm guitar.
Level of experience- Intermediate.
Time playing weekly- A few hours.
Model played- See sig.
Area of Knoxville- Will PM you if you're interested.