I'm in the process of gutting and repainting my affinity squier strat and i'm looking to put the TB-1 Trembucker pickup by Seymour Duncan in the bridge position. Im confused though by what this ebay auction says. "The same kind of enameled wire, nickel plated studs, and balanced coils windings used on the popular '59 humbucker, but trembucker spaced for modern tremolo systems. Use this version when string spacing exceeds 2"." My affinty squier has a tremolo for the bridge, but is the string spacing greater than 2"? Cause i'm not going to be using a floyd rose, im using just a similar tremolo copy to what was originally on the guitar. So do I hunt down the TB-1 pickup or will the SH-1 B model humbucker also made by seymour duncan also work?
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The Trembuckers, and any F-spaced pickup, are designed for Floyd Rose Trem spacing. Go with the SH1 to get the pickup poles right under your strings.