This is a song I wrote awhile back, needs work, but I dont know where exactly.

[Verse 1]

I hate to see you,
Every word’s a trap,
Just let me stop,
I’ll take a step back.
She’s stolen my heart,
But won’t help me out
Time for you to leave,
My hate is growing.
If you don’t let go,
I will expose you!
Please forgive me,
I don’t want to die alone!


Remember me
When the world turn black.
I’ll always have your back!
Lost in time
Pull my mind,
There’s nothing to fear
This is OUR YEAR!!

[Verse 2]

Stuck in a trance
Not knowing where you are,
My words mean nothing,
Your deepest fears come alive!
If only I could revive,
The resting spirit inside!
Nothings holding us back,
I think we could fly
I hope you understand,
I Love You~!
Nothing will change,
Stop acting so strange,
Just hold on a little longer

Remember me,
When the world turns black,
I’ve got your back
We’re lost in time
Still pulling my mind,
There is nothing to fear,
This is OUR YEAR!!

[Verse 3]

Wake me up,
I cannot breath,
The air’s so thick
Just remember this
I still love you~!
Sleep in peace!
Don’t regret
I’m yours forever,
Nothing can break our bond,
I’ve missed you so much.
Now that your back,